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Dental Services

Our goal is to always seek the safest, least toxic way to accomplish the goals of modern dental care.

Ormocer Materials (fully biocompatible fillings)

Our office utilizes the worlds first all ceramic based restorative material for patients who are highly sensitive and for whom traditional safe composite materials are not compatible. This material is a state-of-the-art restoration that contains no Bis-GMA monomers. This material is inert and highly biocompatible. Traditional composite materials used for fillings, other than mercury containing fillings, contain Bis-GMA which is the same materials used in making water bottles. Again, the vast majority of patients do not have any issues with this material, but we still have alternatives in the rare cases they show sensitivity to this ingredient.

All Ceramic Materials

Zirconia metal free crowns allow us to restore a badly broken down tooth with a highly esthetic, very strong, long lasting, and highly biocompatible material. Additionally, recent advances in zirconia technology have enabled us to be very conservative with removal of tooth structure to accommodate the zirconia crown. The material is very strong even in very thin thicknesses.

Massage Therapy

We have a licensed massage therapist who is trained to provide a massage that is not only relaxing, but also therapeutic to the body by improving the flow of lymphatic drainage and blood. Massage therapy has also been shown to improve the symptoms of TMD/TMJ and other painful dental and non dental issues.

Dental Materials Biocompatibility (reactivity) Testing

Your dental treatment can be fully compatible with your genetic makeup. Through a partnership with BioComp Labs (, we can ensure that your dental treatment does not lead to a dental toxicity. Serum Biocompatibility testing was developed to determine if a patient will have an immune reaction to a material. This service delivers us a customized report specifically detailing how your body responds to the hundreds of dental materials used commonly in dental treatment. Thus, enabling us to select a material for your treatment which is healthiest for you.

Nutritional Therapy

Our office has a licensed nutritional therapist on staff.  She is a licensed professional who is trained to evaluate your nutritional/dietary needs through biocommunication testing, evaluation of blood tests, muscle testing and many other proven methods. You can greatly improve your health and immunity with proper nutritional and supplemental guidance.

Our office recommends EvoraPro Probiotics brand of professional strength fully active strains of oral care probiotics to promote fresher breath, whiter teeth and overall oral health support, NATURALLY.  The addition of this product to your oral care regimen can greatly increase your oral health by restoring the natural balance of the beneficial bacteria. These good bacteria can be depleted by diet, stress, medications or illnesses.

ProBiotics Safe-Bleaching

We all feel better if we like our smile. What could be more holistic than improving how you feel about your smile? Our office employs five different ways you can safely and effectively bleach your teeth.

Enzyme Therapy

We are all enzyme deficient. Much of what we eat today is processed or over cooked, so as to kill off the natural enzymes. Enzymes are necessary to control inflammation, a condition associated with many chronic diseases and illnesses (Periodontitis especially).  Additionally, certain enzymes boost the immune system. (excerpt taken from Breiner, Mark A. Whole Body Health)

Bite Alignment and TMD/TMJ therapy

Many patients suffer from “TMJ” and sadly, many practitioners do not have the education necessary to treat these patients. Our doctors and staff have extensive training at the Dawson Institute, among other sources, in correcting multiple issues which arise from an unbalanced or pathological bite.  A misaligned bite can lead to tension headaches, clenching and/or grinding of the teeth, muscle pain, and an inability to chew your food thoroughly, thereby leading to gastrointestinal issues.

Safe Removal of Mercury Fillings

We have the technology to safely remove mercury amalgam fillings that you may still have in your teeth. I use the S.M.A.R.T. (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Techniques) protocol to remove toxic mercury amalgam fillings. We have more information about safely removing mercury fillings here.