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Holistic Dentistry

What does this mean to you?

“Biological” or “Biocompatible”

“Biological” or “Biocompatible” dentistry typically refers to dental practices that utilize mercury-free and mercury-safe dentistry while also considering the impact of dental conditions, devices, and treatments on oral and systemic health, including the biocompatibility of dental materials and techniques. If you chose to have your dental restorations done in a biocompatible manner, our office will administer a Dental Materials Biocompatibility test, along with a local lab (i.e. Quest Diagnostics, LabCore, Shiel, etc) to determine which dental materials best match your body. Our office uses many different brands and kinds of dental materials, all of the highest quality, and from the best producers, in fabricating your dental restorations. Whether its white composite fillings, ceramic fillings, all ceramic crowns and laminates, we can assure you that the materials chosen will be as biocompatible as possible to you.


“Mercury-free” is a term with a wide-range of implications, but it typically refers to dental practices that do not place dental mercury amalgam fillings. We NEVER use mercury containing fillings or restorations of any kind.


“Mercury-safe” typically refers to dental practices that use rigorous safety measures to limit or prevent mercury exposure, such as in the case of removing previously existing dental mercury amalgam fillings and replacing them with non-mercury alternatives. We are a Mercury-Safe dental practice utilizing the most state-of-the-art training, methods and techniques to ensure your mercury fillings are removed as safely as possible. (IAOMT.

Watch a short video about our cutting-edge Safe Removal Technique

A little about Mercury (silver) Fillings

Amalgam fillings which is an alloy of mercury and other materials first came into use in 1833 in the U.S. Previous to the introduction of this highly controversial material, all fillings were made of gold. However, gold was difficult to work with and amalgam proved to be a much faster, cheaper and easier material to fabricate for dental restorations. The argument regarding their safety literally raged on for decades until 1986 when the American Dental Association finally conceded that mercury vapor does escape from amalgam fillings and into patients mouths.  (Environmental Health Criteria 101 Methyl mercury. World Health Organization. Geneva 1990;11.) However, they maintain to this day that it is safe to use in peoples mouths. (Breiner, Mark A. Whole Body Dentistry 2011)

Silver (Amalgam) fillings are almost 50% mercury containing. There is extensive research and knowledge about the mercury that actually is released into your body every time you chew, brush your teeth, grind your teeth etc..

The mercury released into your body can do harm to multiple organs and systems, namely, the kidneys, central nervous system, thyroid,  your joints and connective tissue; all leading to a number of health issues. That is why the safe removal of these mercury containing fillings is integral to maintaining your overall health.

But that’s not everything.

As holistic dentists we employ many other methods and treatment options for our patient to not only make their treatment healthier for their mouths and bodies, but make them feel better about themselves as well.

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